Welcome to Riverside Hot Pot!

Riverside Hot Pot Cuisine has more than fifteen years of culinary experience in the trendy and ever-changing hot pot scene. Using our authentic and original broth, healthy beef slices, organic vegetables, fresh seafood, and homemade hua, we promise to deliver only the best on each and every serving. In addition to our endless all you can eat buffet, we also serve succulent clay pot dishes, classic Chinese dishes, and traditional Chongqing desserts. Of course, everything is accompanied by our special house sauces. Riverside Hot Pot Cuisine strives to bring happiness to all customers who frequent us, and at the same time, achieve culinary excellence, uphold professionalism, and provide healthy and trendy food.

Order by phone: 301-330-8886 Location: 820 Myddy Branch Rd, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878